February 26


Today’s sermon via videotape was about habits.  It was definitely unique and reminded me why its important for us to hear sermons about familiar topics.  We get a new slant on an old topic and it helps us rethink that topic and our response to it and that is a really good thing for me.

I actually know a fair bit about habits and much of what the pastor said was not new to me, but it helped me think about habits in a different way and find better responses to dealing with habits that I know I need to break.

Some of his points were ones I did not need to consider, but there were a couple that were aimed right at me and I need to deal with them beginning today.  It is easy to see where you need to change, but it is not always easy to embrace that change.  I liked his ideas about how to go about that change and I wrote down a lot of notes to help me keep on track.

Now, as I plan to implement those changes, I will need to keep account of my progress which I hope will keep me moving in a positive, forward direction.

It starts today and I want to be successful so I will keep a record of my progress in the right direction.

Father, you are the key to my success.  Help me to be positive and move forward in that light as I seek to change those habits that I know need to be removed from my life.  I trust you to give me the encouragement I need to make progress.  Amen.

Philippians 4:8


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