February 27


As I was going through the Homecoming pictures to post on my photography Facebook site, I came across the pictures of the little boy and girl who carried the crowns.  It made me think of my grandson at the age of four when he fulfilled this same role.  He was so excited and had such a good time.  The little girl who carried the Queen’s tiara lived across the street from me and she had always liked my grandson and really enjoyed walking up the “red carpet” to the front of the gym.

The next night when I was taking my grandson home to his parents’ house, he said, “Peachie, let’s go to the high school.”  When I asked why, he replied, “I want to do it again.  I liked being the boy who carried the crown.”  I tried to explain to him that this was a one time thing and would never be repeated.  He was sad and said, “Oh, I wish I could do it again. I really liked that.”

I told him I knew how he was feeling, but it had to be a one time thing and it was a special memory that he would always have.

I have often wondered if this experience affects other little boys in the same way.  Now they usually choose someone in first grade which means that they are about six.  I wonder if the age difference makes the experience less memorable for them.  Or it could make it more memorable since kids typically remember things from their childhood from when they are older.

I do know that even if the memory does not continue to be strong for my grandson, it does stay strong for me.  It is a treasure that I usually think about at this time of the year.

Father, thank you for memories that make life sweet.  Amen.

Luke 2:19; John 14:26


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