February 28

Sleep and prayer….

Last night (well, actually early this morning) I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep.  I happened to look at my phone to see if someone I had sent a message to had answered.  There was no answer from that person, but there was a text from the husband of a friend telling me of her being admitted to the hospital with a heart problem.

I immediately thought that this was why I was awake.  I needed to be praying for her and I would have not known it if I hadn’t been awake.  I was thankful for this great opportunity to pray for her and for many other friends who are facing difficult health issues.

What a blessed opportunity I had to spend time in prayer right then and off and on through the rest of the night before I got up.  We can’t pray too much and this was a great opportunity for me to lift those dear friends up to Jesus in prayer.

I was so thankful for this blessing and I know Jesus heard and listened to my prayers as I sought his healing for them.

On my way to school I stopped at the hospital to see how she was doing and I discovered that she will be going home around noon.  I was thankful I had been able to pray for her in the night and that I can continue to do so

Father, thank you for the opportunities you give me for prayer for others.  I am blessed that you bestow that privilege on me and that it comes just when your dear children need those words.   I am blessed.  Amen.      

I Timothy 2:1


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