March 3


We are going to start offering a new math course at the college.  It is called the Art of Mathematics and the course description says it “presents practical mathematics people use, beautiful mathematics people see and abstract mathematics people dream.”  It “enables students to describe and analyze the world around them.”

I am a bit curious to see how the instructor we get will instruct this course.  I can’t quite visualize it yet and I haven’t heard about any other campus offering it yet so I have nothing to go on.

Of course the difficulty is going to be in obtaining an instructor.  Since it is a math course, that person needs to have a Masters in math or a Masters with 18 graduate credits in math.

I wonder if other institutions offer such a class.  A quick Google search says it is a popular course and students find it very interesting and helpful.  It seems as though it is all about math in our daily lives from finding geographical locations to seeing the beauty and symmetry of math in architecture.

I know this brief search has whetted my interest and I will definitely be looking at the course once we are able to offer it here in Cordova.

Father, one of the things I love about life is finding new information and new ideas.  Of course I know they all come from you and I am so excited by each new discovery.  Thank you.  Amen.

Proverbs 22:29

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