March 4

Good intentions…

“The road to hell is paved with good intentions” my mother often quoted to me as I grew up.  I don’t remember thinking anything about it as a kid, but as an adult, I can see that good intentions will not truly get you far in life.  You have to back up those intentions with action. And sometimes that is hard to do.

I had great intentions to work on my bedroom drawers today, but ultimately that is all I had great intentions.  I never did make any progress on that project.

Oh, I did get other things done, going to the hospital to knit, going to the grocery, working on a knitting problem and getting help, going to the Post Office, see the play at the Theatre in town.  Some of these were things I needed to do and some were things I wanted to do.  I guess you could say I had intentions about all of them, but I did not make any progress on my Spark Joy intentions.  Maybe I just didn’t think of the action part of those intentions or maybe my time got away from me.

No matter what happened, I have been thinking a little more about intentions and the need to make a plan of action to back those intentions up so they become more than intentions and are truly actions.

That’s what I plan to do this week and we’ll see how good my theory is.  I am hoping my intentions lead to action and to Joy.

Father, this is a revelation in a way.  I never thought much about intentions before, but I can truly see that you need actions to go with intentions if you plan to accomplish anything.  Help me to make that connection between intentions and actions and accomplish true joy this week.  Amen.

I John 3:18


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