March 7

A folly…..

Last night we were baking up a storm and we had a little folly.  It was not the first folly in my life and I am sure it will not be the last.

I was making sweet dough for cinnamon bread and cinnamon rolls for the visitors at church this week and my grandson was making cookies and then mixing up dough for cinnamon rolls for high school Bible Study. Somehow in our conversation about ingredients we had a slight faux pas and the amount of butter in the cookies was more than required. The resulting cookies were very buttery and very flat, but good.  We had a good laugh over the mistake.

It reminded me of a similar folly long, long ago.  I was making cookies to take to church after the evening service and the recipe called for shortening.  I did not have any so I was going to change to a different recipe.  My husband thought I should stick with my original plan and substitute butter.  I did so but hesitantly.  The cookies were not the same, but one guy loved them and insisted on the recipe.  I thought it was funny.

If we can laugh at the follies in our lives how much better off we will be.  It does no good to get upset and in the big scheme of things a folly is pretty small indeed.

I will chalk this folly up to the others in my life and when I need a good laugh, pull it out and reflect on it and fill my life with laughter which we all know is good for the soul.

Father, thank you for follies and the laughter they bring.  You are the best.  Amen.

Proverbs 17:22; 15:13

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