March 8

Likes and dislikes….

I’ve been thinking about this topic for quite some time.  I wonder what makes one person like this particular dish while another dislikes it.  Perhaps it is the texture of a particular ingredient on a person’s tongue, or it may be a taste the evokes a specific memory which is not pleasurable.  I really don’t know.

I was reminded of this last night when I was making dinner.  Actually a friend whose wife has cancer emailed me that she might try some chicken enchilada she had once had.  Since not many foods are palatable to her, I was eager to comply with this suggestion.  I got the ingredients although I had to go to both grocery stores to accomplish my goal.

When I got home and started the dish, I remembered that one of the persons who lives with me had told me that he didn’t particularly like enchiladas.  Apparently, he really dislikes chicken green sauce even more than ground beef, red sauce enchiladas.  It was easy enough to make two dishes, one for him and the other for me and the other person who lives at my house.

I tasted both dishes and I really liked the chicken green sauce enchiladas best which surprised me a little.  Now granted I did not make the other dish exactly the same way I usually do, but it was close.

Overall I don’t tend to dislike many dishes or ingredients which is why I probably can eat any dish I am served with little difficulty.  I have to admit that I definitely like some better than others and maybe the taste as well as the ingredients are the key to my preferences.  I need to think about this a little more.

Father, I am thankful for the variety in the food we have to eat and I am thankful that no one I know is going hungry.  I pray for those who do not have enough to eat and I also pray for all the the organizations who are attempting to feed them.  Give them wisdom.  Amen.

James 2:14-18


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