March 9

Forgetting and running around…

Yesterday was a day filled with forgetting and running around.  First, I forgot to make the promised cake for the Cub Scouts to decorate.  Actually I remembered the cake, but I got my dates mixed up.  So I ran home and baked it.  I was able to use the baking time to finish the birthday gift I was making so that was helpful.

Then I went to teach Kindermusik and remembered I had not made the icing for the cake.  So once I finished music I dashed into the church kitchen and made the icing.

Later I remembered I had promised to loan my icing spatulas so I ran home (not literally), got the spatulas and delivered them on my way to the hospital.

Whew!  I was glad to sit down and knit while I visited my friend at the hospital.

Eventually I got home and made dinner, finished knitting the hat.

I was glad to go to bed.  It was a long and crazy day, all due to my forgetting.  I didn’t write it down and that is the key for me so going forward I plan to do just that.  Since I make a mind map every morning I can easily add these chores to it.  Hopefully, no more forgetting!!

Father, thank you for getting me through the day.  Help me to remember my promises.  Amen.

I Corinthians 13:1-13


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