March 10

Spring Break….

Spring Break.  What do you think of when you hear those words?  As a high school student I used to think of all the kids who went to the beach for the week.  I also remember the time I ended up with pneumonia and was in the hospital at the end of Spring Break and  all I had done was stay home and help me Mom do Spring housecleaning.

In college I thought of a week to catch up on my homework.  As a young mother I thought of time with my kids and doing special things together.

Now today I think of getting out early today at 1:oo (high school not college) because next week is Spring Break.  Since the college only gets one day next Friday so I am thinking of taking an extra day of Annual Leave which I want to use for Sparking Joy in my bedroom and closet drawers. I never seem to get around to these tasks during the week and this seems like a golden opportunity to accomplish it.

Although today is the beginning of Spring Break in Cordova, for me it is also the day the EMT class takes their big national test which we are proctoring at the college tonight.  I will be there in case anything goes wrong with their connection and I will need to be the person to fix it.  I am hopeful nothing goes wrong because I am not the best IT person.

We have been having a lot of sunny days which makes me think of Spring and even in spite of the cold temperatures, the sun and extra daylight every day are indicators that Spring is coming.  Of course when we change our clocks this weekend that will increase this feeling.

The kids are excited for vacation and even adults seem to have a changed attitude.  It makes me wish that more people could understand how much their attitude contributes to their well being and even to the well being of others.  It really rubs off.

i am hopeful that  a week without school and more sun and even more snow that is predicted will result in renewed attitudes when the kids come back to school.  I know  it will make a big difference in the last quarter and hopefully, give them a renewed sense of purpose in the last nine weeks.

Father, thank you for the changing seasons and the opportunities you give us each and every day.  Help me to use them wisely and to encourage others.  Amen.

I Thessalonians 5:11





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