March 11

Birthdays, visits and driving….

People in Kansas like to eat chili with cinnamon rolls.  It sounds strange to me, but then I’m not from Kansas.  I first encountered this “weird,” but good (according to my grandson who lives in Kansas) combination when my son and daughter-in-law wanted to have guests for dinner and this was the menu choice.

I confess that I can eat it, but it just seems strange to me.  Regardless, my friend at the hospital decided she wanted to try this Kansas special for her birthday so her daughter made chili and I made cinnamon rolls and one of her daughters who lives outside sent salami, sausage, pecans, dried apricots and marinated artichokes which was our appetizer.  It was an interesting birthday, but she loved it and that’s what matters.  It was fun.

I also made homemade chocolate ice cream for a friend who is suffering from cancer and cannot tolerate many foods.  I was able to visit her after the birthday party and the ice cream went over well.

Then my grandson and I went driving.  He is getting used to my car so he can take the driving test.  I am hoping the snow holds off until he does it because most of the streets are pretty clear.  We did drive on snowy and icy streets so he could have that experience. ‘

All in all it was a pretty full day and ended with homemade pizza.  I should have made more ice cream so we could have had it for dessert, but I gave it all away.  I already know her next choice:  strawberry.  Maybe I can plan that choice better.

Father, I am so thankful for the way you work in our lives.  My friend had a great birthday.  My other friend was able to enjoy her treat and my grandson got along well with his driving.  You are always there to supply our needs and I praise you for your blessings.  Help me to share them with others.  Amen.

Philippians 4:19



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