March 12

Lost and found….

It seems that I am always taking food items to places and people and I also seem to have trouble retrieving the platters and containers I use.  Today I found several items which I had been looking for so I promptly put them in the car to take home.

Sometimes I wonder how I can misplace so many things.  I have always believed the old adage that you should have a place for everything and put those things in that place.  I actually try to do this, but I still end up with missing items.

People have suggested to me that it is due to the problem of not having enough storage for things and that is why I don’t have a place for them and maybe that is the issue. I really don’t know for certain.  I do know that I seem to always have at least one thing that I am looking for.

And that really bugs me.  I hate losing or misplacing things and even if I am not actively looking for them, it is in the back of my mind and when it comes to the forefront, then I start searching.  I try to tell myself to just trust that I will find it and usually that is true, but there are a few things that I have never found and I have to admit they are just plain, old lost.  And that is frustrating.

The idea of Sparking Joy by having things organized and not clutter is a great idea and one that I am still working on.  Maybe as I continue to work toward this goal I will find those missing items and put them in their place.  I hope that is true.

Father, thank you for found things.  Help me to truly become better organized so I don’t waste precious time and energy looking for lost items.  You know that this has been a big part of my life and I truly need to conquer it so I can use that time for your kingdom.  I love you and I trust you to help me with this need.  Amen.

Psalm 139:1-24


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