March 14

Ice fishing….

My grandson is going ice fishing today and I am excited to see how he likes it and how it goes.  He is going with three men, two of whom are from church.  They went last week and I saw pictures of their success so I am hoping my grandson will have a great time.  I know this is an experience he is not likely to have at home in Tennessee or at school in Virginia.

I like the fact that he is willing to try new things and doesn’t mind having people assist him.  Not everyone is like that so it is nice for me to observe.

Apparently the fishermen got some cutthroat last week and maybe a Dolly Varden.  I will say that the fish I saw in the pictures were pretty small and they had to throw a lot of them back.

This experience involves hiking at least a mile to get to the lake they want to fish in, but my grandson walks a lot and is in good shape so I don’t think this will be any problem. I told him to take his camera and he did.

I am going to make Chicken Pot Pie for dinner and a peanut butter cup pie since it is pi day. We need to celebrate.

Father, thank you for fun activities and for my grandson’s willingness to try them out.  I am blessed.  Amen.

Deuteronomy 12:7


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