March 17

St Patrick’s Day…

I thought some of the high school girls had planned to come make sugar cookies and decorate them today, but they forgot that one of them was celebrating her birthday today so they didn’t come.

I decided to make sugar cookies and do a quick decorating job (Thanks for sprinkles) so I could take some to people in the community.

After I accomplished that goal, I set to work on my closet drawers with the intent of sparking some joy in my bedroom.  It took a lot of folding and organizing and sorting through things, but I was able to accomplish the job and I truly did feel joy seeing all the clothes neatly put away.

In the middle of the task I wondered if I would be able to really do it, but persistence won the day or the chore so to speak and I did what I really wanted to do.  I also worked in my workroom, put things away, cleaned up all my wrapping paper and supplies and get it in order and went through all the paper that had accumulated and I was able to feel some joy in that room too.  It is amazing how much getting rid of clutter and cleaning up can do to       give you the feeling of joy.  I haven’t been following the Spark Joy method exactly, but I still feel on track which is a good feeling for me.

Father, than you for keeping me on track and helping me make progress today.  I really am thankful.  Amen.

Proverbs 3:5-6


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