March 18


I’ve been thinking a lot about prayer lately and I’ve been reading a book by Mark Battleson titled “Draw the Circle.”  It’s basically about drawing a circle figuratively around an issue, a person, a place and then covenanting to pray about it daily for as long as it takes.

I think that is the way to go.  I pray daily about all sorts of things, but not in this particular way and it makes sense to me.  I have a couple of things that need this type of prayer and I’m going to get some others to join with me in praying for them.

I feel certain that there will be progress and I have no idea what that progress will look like, but I trust that God is in this and that it will be in accordance with His will.

So w’ere setting a time and we’re going to pray daily as God leads us and then we’re going to watch and see what He does.

Father, you are so awesome and I am so excited to see how you are going to work in these situations. Thank you for loving y our children so completely.  Amen.

Philippians 4:6



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