March 19

Your face is a mirror…..

Today I was reading in Proverbs in the Message and I came across the verse that said your face is a mirror of your heart.  I love that verse.  What a great reminder of our need to be a witness to those around us and to everyone we meet.  I read in another book that we need to be in prayer for each person we see in a daily basis as it will cover them in prayer and keep us from worry.  What a great idea.  I seek to embrace it.

On another note, I had a really interesting day in Sunday School.  The class was all girls and they were 6 and 7 in age.  They informed me that they already knew all there was to know about God and I didn’t need to teach them the lesson.

I told them I was a lot older than they were and I still didn’t know all about God.  Then they offered to teach me.  The first little girl told me God was love and love was everywhere.  She gave me a look that said I ought to know this.  I agreed with her that God is love and told her I thought this was important.

Another little girl informed me that God made the world and she saw it in her Bible and in a movie.  I told her that I knew this and I was glad she did.  I also told her I was glad the movie and the Bible agreed and I tried to explain in simple terms how important it was that they agreed.  She seemed to understand this and asked some good questions.

Another little girl announced that she knew that God made everything as if that settled any idea I had that we had more to learn.

I also asked them what they knew about Easter.  Here there was some confusion.  One little girl told me Jesus rose on Friday.  Another was astonished that he was killed and still another asked questions about the tomb.  I had a lot of opportunities to teach them unbeknownst to them.

It is interesting to me what kids believe and what they think.  As adults it is so important for us to find this out and then respond to it in a positive fashion.  I really relish the times I have to spend with kids and try to help them really learn about God and Jesus.  It is amazing the opportunities I have to teach them and I am so thankful for that.

Father, you know I have always loved teaching and I am so thankful for the multitude of opportunities you give me to keep doing what I love.  Thank you for this wonderful gift.  You are an amazing God.  Amen.

Titus 2:7-8



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