March 20


My oldest granddaughter got engaged Saturday.  I had been expecting it, but did not know when it would happen.  I am happy for her.

I gave my engagement ring to her fiance at Christmas and I was not sure how he would use it.  It was very sweet that he preserved it just like it was and simply got it cleaned.  It was a little large on her finger, but that did not surprise me.  I am hoping that when they size it, they can preserve the setting.  It is definitely worn on the back as it was on my finger for so  long.

I was thankful to hear that my son in law was pleased that it was a family ring.  Since I had given it to my future grandson in law, no one else knew anything about it and I didn’t want my granddaughter’s parents to think I was pushing the engagement.

Her fiance seems like a really nice, thoughtful young man and he seems to get along well with her siblings and parents.  He is an intern for the Reformed Presbyterians in Boise, ID at Boise State University, while my granddaughter is in graduate school in Virginia.  They both have one more year to go.

I can remember when I received that ring and how different it was from the engagements I read and hear about today.  There was no box.  My soon to be husband took my hand and put it on my finger telling me he loved me and wanted to marry me.  It was at night in the car and was dark.  After I said yes and told him I loved him,  I asked to see the ring so he turned on the light in the car and I looked at it.

I never took it off except for the wedding ceremony as I remembered spending many afternoons at school searching a fellow teacher’s classroom for her ring which was a whopper.  She always took it off during art projects and other times and we always had to find it before she could go home.  I determined during those “hunts” to never do that myself and consequently I never took it off.  I know we’re all different, but I knew myself well enough to know I would lose mine too if I took it off.

I am thankful for a sweet engagement and a loving family.

Father, thank you for memories and for the present and future.  Thank you for your loved expressed in so many ways.  Amen.

I Corinthians 13:4-7

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