March 22

Mind maps…

I like to begin my days after my  devotion and prayer time by making a Mind Map.  This concept was introduced and invented by Tony Buzan and I have been using it for years.  More recently I have been using it not only to organize my day, but to organize specific tasks as well.

The idea is to use colors and pictures and let your brain really find creative solutions to the situations you face.  I use color and sometimes a few pictures, but I am not great at drawing so I don’t include as many of those as Buzan suggests.  I should probably try to use more, it would increase my creativity.

You start with a central image and then use branches with limbs.  You write on those branches and limbs to define that part of whatever you are mapping.  When I map my day I use the branches for the big tasks and then put smaller ones on the limbs.  I always have a branch for school and then limbs for specific items in school like my classes and any big project I need to work on.

I have used this technique for a long time, but using it for specific tasks has really helped me be more organized.  Right now I am mapping Easter giving and cooking and also how to clean a specific room in my house and turn it into a bedroom.  The map helps me sort out the tasks and divide them up into smaller, more manageable tasks.  It is really a great tool.

Father, thank you for people who come up with ideas that make our lives more productive and organized.  I am thankful for the ideas you put in their minds and how they use those ideas.  I am blessed.  Amen

I Corinthians 14:40


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