March 23

It’s amazing…

It’s amazing how much there is to learn these days.  As I prepare for my class in Sociology, I am stunned by the amount of information that is available and how much of it is news to me.

Now the basic concepts are not news, but the examples available on You Tube and in the media are astonishing and it makes me realize that it is no wonder some things in our society are the way they are.  It seems that the values and principles that adults hold in society today vary a lot from the ones I was brought up with.  There is so much that seems contradictory to the way Jesus wants us to live.

One of the topics this week in class is the ways girls are socialized.  I knew about pageants for little girls, but I was unaware of some of the behavior endorsed by parents that doesn’t seem very healthy to me.  Little girls dancing in provocative clothes and poses to current teen hits, little girls using make at the age of 5 and being considered a pro at it.  And even it this behavior was just at home (which it isn’t) parents are making videos and posting them on You Tube for the world to see and it is watching.  It truly explains the problems girls are having in this time.

I think we need to continue to make our witness as strong as possible and to encourage positive behavior in our comments as well.  Girls need our valuable input and they  need our prayers.

Father, you know what is going on with the world.  Help me to be a strong witness for you.  Amen.

Matthew 5:16


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