March 24

Changing rules…

Yesterday when I went to the hospital it was near the shift time change.  I was surprised to see a husband and wife getting ready to go to work.  I know them well and I asked the wife how it happened that they were working together since the established rule at the hospital is that spouses cannot work together.

I know that the most recent RN hire made a stipulation of their coming to Cordova that they could work on the same shift as husband and wife.

Apparently the need for CNAs made this rule change.  In this case there should be no problems with such a change, but I wonder about other rules that seem to change with the weather.  I have observed that when this happens at school for example, the kids are thrown off track so to speak.  They start to question when the next change will take place or they expect more changes and act in a way that makes the older rules appear obsolete.

I am all for rule changes when it is either necessitated by the situation as in the CNA change, but I am hesitant for lots of rule changes just to do something different as often seems the case.  I think we need to be careful with rule changes.

Yesterday at Kids of the Kingdom two little girls decided not to eat at the regular table and were going to sit on the floor and put their plates on a kiddie chair.  I told them the rule was we all eat at the table.  It has been a rule since we started the program more than 35 years ago, but I see no need to change it.

We all need rules in life and there are times for change, but there are also times when the rules need to be observed and stay in place for good reasons.

Father, help me to be cautious in changing rules, but also help me to be ready to change them when it is appropriate.  I trust your guidance.  Thank you for blessing me with your encouragement.  Amen.

Romans 13:1


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