April 1

April Fools’ Day….

I usually don’t think much about April Fools’ Day, but today a friend called up and told me something that was rather shocking and then she announced—-April Fools’.  No doubt about it, she fooled me.

I remember teaching elementary school and the kids loved to play April Fools’ pranks on their classmates and try to fool them.  The older the kids get the more sophisticated were their ideas of a good joke.  It was fun to see and watch them get tickled when they succeeded in fooling their friends. You don’t see much of that with adults and I think that is why I was so taken in by my friend’s joke.

Laughter is such good medicine.  If you can find something to laugh about it, really eases the tension and difficulties in life.  Someone sent me a text I did not understand and it reminded me of another text from this same person.  “I am not dead.  I am going to Mars.”  When I read it, I laughed and laughed and then I read it aloud and the person who is a volunteer and lives at my house could not stop laughing.  When we recalled it after the current text, we both agreed we should write it down and remember it forever as it is so funny.  The current text said “Hawin”  Actually that is supposed to be Hawaiian which makes sense for pizza toppings which was what the text was about.  But I certainly did not understand it.  It is not so funny, but it does make me smile.

The next time you need a good laugh remember something funny and relieve that tension in life.

Father\, thank you for laughter and for the joy it brings to my life.  Help me to remember this when I need to laugh.  You are amazing.  Amen.

Proverbs 17:22




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