April 9


I like surprises and especially ones like the one tonight at Missions.  We have been studying missionaries beginning with Paul and other missionaries in the Bible and then ones our church supports.  From there we have gone on to famous missionaries in the past, studying a new one almost every week.

Tonight I decided to have the kids make Easter cards for the missionaries we support.  I have made other cards in the past and I have not been very happy with the results.  Either they do a rather sloppy joy or just zip through it so fast they don’t really say much.

Tonight I was pleasantly surprised.  I showed them a couple of cards that I received in the mail today in my box at church and then we talked about cards and about receiving them.  All of the kids wrote the nicest individual letters and then they decorated their card in a very nice manner.  I was very happy with the result and I was glad to have nice cards to mail to our missionaries.

Like I said, it was a surprising evening and one I hope we repeat often.

Father, you have the best surprises and I am very thankful the kids were willing to do their best to send Easter greetings to our missionaries.  I hope they feel good about their efforts too.  Thank you.  Amen.

I Samuel 3:11


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