April 15

Women’s conference….

Today all the churches went together to host the Women’s Conference featuring Priscilla Shirer in a live Simulcast.  This is the first time I had gone to one of these although I know several women who have attended in groups in homes.

The pastors’ wives really worked hard to make it fun and special.  They had goody bags, special table decorations, decorations in the sanctuary and lots of snacks.  The women who attended seemed to enjoy themselves and get into the spirit of the day.  There was a real sense of the Lord’s presence and it was a good day.

It was a little hard for me since it was the day before Easter.  I had made all the treats I wanted to pass out and had them done prior to today.  I had also planned Easter dinner and tried to limit the amount of work I needed to do after I got home.  I did have to go to the store for a few things, but they were minimal which was good. Planning definitely was helpful to me in accomplishing all the things I needed to do today.

The big teaching I took away from the day was the importance of studying a section of Scripture verse by verse rather than individual verses lifted from the context of the passage.  I have always been aware of the implications of taking verses out of context, but I had not thought about the importance of studying the section as a whole.  I had actually started to do this with the Bible study I am in, but I had been reading the verses listed at the bottom of the devotions I read daily and I have not always read the accompanying passage in its entirety.  Today I realized how important this is and I will try to do this daily as I study and read the Bible each morning.  I will need to plan time for it in the evening as I have started to read a devotion before I go to bed at night too.

Father, you are so good to teach me what I really need each and every day.  I trust your word and want to follow its guiding.  Help me to study it more fully and to embrace the learning I get from it daily.  Amen.

2 Timothy 3:16-17


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