April 16

Resurrection Sunday…

Christ is risen.  Christ is risen indeed.

The pastor who spoke at the Community Service did a great job and he said something that really reverberated with  me.  He talked about the difference in how we celebrate Christ and how we celebrate Easter.  I have thought about this a lot and often wondered why we don’t make Easter the big day it really is.

I have been in Germany at Easter time and they do have all sorts of decorations and other things available for sale at Easter.  People decorate their homes and go all out for Easter.  Since it is the biggest day in our year, I have always thought it strange that we don’t celebrate it more like Christmas.  And this has always frustrated me.

Christ the Lord has risen today and I want everyone to know what a big deal this is.  I am going to try to come up with some idea for decorating my home outside that will let the world know how I feel.

Father, I praise you for our risen Savior.  Please help me find a way to show the world how fantastic Christ is to me.  Amen.

John 11:25


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