April 17

Irritating habits…

We were talking about irritation habits at work this morning and I began to wonder how many things I do that are irritation to others.

It started with someone taking a pen out of the hand of another person who was using it.  I can see how that is irritating.  Other irritation things are people who interrupt you and finish your sentences, people who start talking the minute you take a breath and talk about something totally different that is on their mind….the list could go on and on, and no doubt it differs for every person.

But the big thing is that we all do things that irritate others and if we are followers of Jesus we ought to try to really avoid doing things that we perceive as irritation to those around us.

This is really a big deal.  People hate to be irritated and if you can stop doing those things, you will really help your witness grow.

I am going to start looking for ways to be less irritating and ways to make my witness really count for  Jesus.

Father, you are so good.  Help me find ways to be less irritating to others and strengthen my witness for you.  I love you.  Amen.

Colossians 1:11


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