April 19


Today marks the birthday of many different people I know personally.  One of those persons is no longer living and was born with a big genetic birth problem–Trisome 13.  My biggest memory associated with this little boy was taking his picture and pictures of him with his family.

It was late in the evening and it was a poignant time.  We all knew that this little boy would never live to childhood let alone adulthood which made the photographs even more special.  This was before  there was much call for this type of photograph.

I remember waiting for the family to arrive and then being overwhelmed by the different settings as I took the photographs.  It is never easy to photograph families with children of different ages and when one of the children is not well, the task is magnified many times over.  It took a long time, but I was happy to do it and actually thankful I had been chosen to make these photographs.

Today, it is many, many years later and this little boy has been laid to rest on a hillside behind the parents’ home.  Additional children have been born into the family and life goes on, but I always remember him on this day and think of that precious little life that was so short.

Only God knows the plan and the big picture and I can trust him for the outcome.

Father, thank you for knowing all about us and all about the big picture.  I can trust you for our lives.  Amen.

John 16:22


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