April 20

Bible verses…

Even though I have been trying to really focus on Bible verses in their context rather than pick them out one by one, I still have many individual Bible verses in my phone which pop up throughout the day to remind me of God’s love and to get my mind off of any anxiety or worry.

I have always told myself I am not a big worrier, but I think I worry more than I realize.  I have come to understand that my heartburn is related to stress or worry and I am really trying to conquer that.

This morning I came across a phrase in my Message bible that really resonated with me.  The phrase read “A stack of blessings”  That is truly a modern way to put it.  And it helped me think of all my blessings just put into a really big stack.  I like that idea.  It makes me about the abundance of those blessings and really pushes me see how many i have.  A stack is huge.  This means my blessings are so numerous I can barely stack them up.  What a great concept.

I like thinking of the big stack of blessings God has bestowed on me.  Now I need to help others see their stack of blessings.  If we forget to look at them, we might think we don’t have many or we might forget them all together and then focus on the worries of life.

A stack of blessings in my life is a wonderful image to hold onto.

Father, thank you for the stack of blessings that you have given me.  Help me to use them to help others see their stack and realize how blessed them are.  Amen.

Luke 6:38


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