April 21

Friday is quiz day in Sociology….

Every Friday I give my Sociology students a quiz.  Most Fridays, it takes several minutes for the class to quiet down and start the quiz.  Some days, like today, are very different.  Over half of the class was absent due in large part to the fact that the annual music festival is underway in a nearby community.  I don’t think it is the numbers that make the difference as much as it is certain students who are absent.

Today I passed out the quiz and immediately all but two of the students got right to work.  Even those few who did not start the quiz right away were not loud and disruptive.  I truly think it has something to do with the personality of the students.

And with the exception of the two students who did not get started right away, every one finished the quiz and has time to spare.  Is it any wonder that students fail to grasp why teachers hold the opinions they have.

Students seem to feed off one another and it really does change the atmosphere of the classroom.  As a teacher, I always hope this is not true, but it has happened so often that I can’t refute my opinion.

Since I can’t change it, I will just have to appreciate the days when it does take place and things are quiet and everyone works to their potential.

Father, thanks for a nice quiet day today.  I appreciated it immensely.  Amen.

Matthew 6:33



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