April 25

The rain is back…

We all knew it was coming.  It can’t be Cordova and have only sun, but true to form, people are frustrated that the rain has arrived.  I know the fishermen are happy.  They truly believe the fish won’t come without rain.  I guess I don’t know for sure, but I have heard it so often, I probably do believe it a little.

It might be fact, but I don’t know about that very much.

However, the forecast does say some sun today and some at the end of the week and then more rain.  I don’t tend to put much stock in the forecast as it changes so abruptly, but it is fun to look at it and see what the weather people think might come.

I am pretty sure I never looked at the forecast when I lived in California, but then it was sunny so much I should have been looking for rain.  I loved rain as a little girl and I still love it.  The only thing I am not fond of is wind and rain together.

Actually I am sure I never looked at the forecast as we did not have cell phones back then and there was no forecast to follow.  Times have changed so much and it is easy to forget just how much they  have changed.  And of course there is the age factor too.  If you aren’t very old you can’t appreciate and know much about these changes.  It is all what you grow up with.

I am thankful for many changes in our world and in my life and when I think about these things I am most thankful that my God is unchanging, merciful, full of grace and love.  What a blessing that is.

I was trying to teach the little Good News Kids yesterday about prayer and remembering not to just ask, but to thank God for who He is and for what he does for us.  I hope they can learn this lesson early in life.  It is so vital to their growth and understanding of Jesus.

Father, thank you for your mercy and grace and for your abundant love for me and all of your creation.  You are amazing.  Amen.

Hebrews 4:16


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