April 27

Lessons learned….

Life is full of lessons to learn and I am learning one right now.

Not too long ago I bonked my knee.  It hurt, but seemed to be getting along OK.  The second week told a different story.  My leg and especially my knee began to swell and the pain really increased. I had xrays, ultrasounds–both large machine and hand held, office visits to the doctor, ice, painkillers, meds to decrease the swelling, a shot to decrease the swelling, a brace to wear, and a few days in bed with my leg raised.  Actually, that last one did the most good although the doctor said not to continue doing that.

At any rate, it is getting better, slowly but surely, but of course I wish the slowly part would become quicker.  However, in all of this I think there is a lesson or two that I am learning and maybe that is really the point for me.

I have a tendency to just try to “tough things out” and to keep going no matter what.  I think God is teaching me that “toughing things out” is not the best course of action and I should try to slow down a little until I am better, no make that well.

While I do understand this, it is not easy for me to actually carry out.  However, there is some hope for success since so many people are on my case about slowing things down.  I have shared with them that I think they are right and I have also said I don’t think I should try to “tough things out.”  I have told this to many people in the hopes that they will hold me accountable for my actions.

I feel that once I really express my thoughts on this and actually try to do what I know God is telling me to do I will get better much faster.  I hope that is the case, but even in the event that it isn’t, I still need to heed that advice and take it a little easier.

Lessons learned….they are hard to learn and even harder to put into action.  Help me Lord.

Father, thank you for the lessons you teach me.  Help me to learn them well, not only for today, but for the rest of my life.  Help me to truly listen to your voice and heed your message.  Amen.

Proverbs 1:5, 7




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