May 1

May Day….

I remember many May Days as a child.  We always had such fun making baskets and filling them with flowers. Then we would sneak to a door, hang the basket on the doorknob, ring the bell and run away.  We hid and tried to see the reaction of the person who opened the door.  It was always fun and made us giggle. No doubt we gave away our hiding places since as kids we were not very quiet.

I miss that time honored tradition.  In the past I tried to revive this with the younger kids, but no one had heard of it and the whole concept did not go over very well.

It is interesting to me that what is popular and a tradition in one place is not the same in other places.  Maybe this is not a time honored tradition here because we have so much rain that it prohibits running around from house to house with little paper cones filled with flowers.  No doubt the little paper cones would be ruined with all of the rain.

I ought to try to come up with a variation on this theme that would work in a rainy place.  That would be a good idea.  I need a waterproof plan to make it work.

Father, thank you for good ideas and giving us the ability to change ideas when the situation warrants it.  You are the best.  Amen.

Colossians 3:23


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