May 5

Cinco de Mayo…..

We kicked off Cinco de Mayo with the Spanish Market put on annual by our Spanish I students.  They made pinatas, guacamole, chips (yes, handmade), several types of salsa, empanadas and another friend mas harina meat dish along with pan sprinkled in powdered sugar.

The guests were met at the door with money to spend and then they perused the different tables with goods “for sale.” as well as some Spanish items to see.

The teacher tried to make sure there were a lot of Spanish speaking people invited to be sure the students could converse with them.  She invited my grandson and told me how wonderful it was for him to converse with one of her students in particular (they know each other from church).  She was quite surprised by how well they were able to “talk” together.

It was a fun event.  I took a lot of pictures and posted them on my Facebook site which I know their parents will enjoy.

In a small way the event reminded me of Cinco de Mayo celebrations from my childhood.  I grew up near an Hispanic section of town that always had a big celebration with game, pinatas and food and I recall going to those fesitvals with my Mother.  It was fun and I enjoyed the food even as a child.  I can’t remember my brother thinking favorably about the food and my Dad did not like the music and noise, but the food was a different story.

I love fun days like today.  It was a welcome day after the busyness of yesterday and adding to it were the interesting memories it recalled from my childhood.

Father, thank you for celebrations, memories and special times.  Today was a fun day and nice after the busyness of yesterday.  I appreciated it.  Amen.

John 1:16; Proverbs 16:7


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