May 6

Shorebird festival…..

This weekend is the annual Shorebird Festival in Cordova.  Birders come from around the world as it is a really big deal.  As many as 5000 shorebirds are out there at one time.

I thought my grandson might like to see this so we went out the road to the site where they usually appear and he was surprised to see so many people lining the road looking for the birds.  He was also surprised to see them using spotting scopes to look at the birds.

I didn’t think there were very many, but hopefully we can try again and he can see more.

It is pretty amazing that so many people turn out for this event and that it is pretty predictable.  I remember being the school bus driver for field trips for the elementary school many, many years ago and that is when I first saw the birds.  It was amazing to m then.

When you think of it, God planned out world in a really spectacular way.  This is just one little event, but it is a special when you consider how rare this must be and how important it is to those who love birds.  Our world is amazing and our creator is even more amazing.

Father, thank you for birds, for your creation and for the special way in which you planned it for us to enjoy.  You are awesome.  Amen.

Colossians 1:16


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