May 9

Uh oh….

I’ve messed up.  I see that the last few posts I have made to this site were not posts at all, but pages which I certainly did not want to do.  Do I think I can fix this problem, maybe, but I am doubtful.  I can always call on my son in law who fixed my messes last time, but I would like to solve my problem by myself.  I will try it, but I may need help. Phooey.  I hate to bother him.

I have been making graduation gifts and I have been having to ask the kids some questions to finish my goals.  It is driving them crazy that I won’t tell them what I am doing, but they will know soon enough if I can do it correctly.

This is a time to learn many tasks and I want to see if I can accomplish this.  The good thing is that there area always lots of people to ask for help which is a blessing.  I can’t imagine going through life alone with no one to call on for help.

I am going to be taking some pictures for the Ladies of the Pioneer and hopefully, this time I will be the one giving help.  They had some problems with their work and after looking at it, I think I can solve them and come up with what they want.  It will be nice to  be the solution rather than the one looking for the solution.

Father, thank you for problems to solve and for the ability to be the solution to the problems of others.  I appreciate your guidance and wisdom.  Amen.

Romans 8:28


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