May 11


Today was my acupuncture appointment and I appreciated being able to go.  It is always helpful to me and I would highly recommend it to anyone.

For me there are several aspects that are helpful  in addition to the pressure points the acupuncturist uses.  She plays really relaxing piano music, the lights are turned down low and it is warm on the table and in the room.  Also I talk to her about other things in my life and she has good perspective to offer.  Being there gives me almost an hour to really think and contemplate decisions I am facing.  Sometimes I fall asleep and take a nap, other times I just close my eyes, pray and think.  At any rate, I appreciate these appointments and I am especially thankful that my insurance pays for unlimited visits. That is a huge blessing.

Today I am thinking of ways to give myself a little time for relaxation.  It seems that I am so busy filling up my days that I seldom take the time I am sure I really need for myself.

In my Bible reading today I read Proverbs 16:24.  I have this verse memorized in the NIV, but today I read it in The Message.  After reading my devotion and this verse, I was struck by the thought that the words applied as much or more to me as they do to others. In the past I thought of this verse as gracious speech to others.  But today I thought about “good taste to the soul (mine), quick energy for the body.”  My words have an effect on me just as they do on others.  And quite possibly that effect is much bigger when it is applied to me.

I have been thinking about this since I read it this morning.  I need that good taste for my soul and the quick energy for my body, but I also need a time for my soul to find rest in God alone.  That is what I am seeking.

Father, you are so good to remind me of what is really important and to see your words in a new light.  Help me to rest in you.  Amen.

Proverbs 16:24; Psalm 62:1


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