May 12

Days off….

Today was an inservice day for the high school so that meant no kids in class.  I decided to work in the morning and take the afternoon off as I had lots to do.

Time off has always been a problem for me.  I tend to fill every moment of the day and take little time off to simply relax or do something for myself.  When my husband was alive, he was always encouraging me to take some time for myself and my kids continue to do the same.

I  don’t know why it is so hard for me to do that.  I know that Jesus tells us to take the sabbath.  I have always taught Sunday School and for many years I have also made cinnamon rolls for church so it doesn’t seem any different in that way than any other day.  The worship part of the day is a blessing, but it is too short.

This is something I really need to pray about since I know it would benefit me greatly.

Father,  I need your help.  I can’t seem to take time away from work and when I do manage to do that, I just fill it up with more things to do.  I need to rest in you.  Help me.  Amen.

Mark 2:27


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