May 13

Less busy….

In spite of the fact  that I had several things to do today, it felt less busy.

I went to the Ladies Project Day at church, did some cleaning in my classroom and then went to the Pioneer meeting to take photos of the ladies who turned out.  They are putting the pictures up on the wall since in the past only the men had their photos up.  They have been doing a lot of refurbishing and I think it gave the ladies the impetus to get their photos shown.

They tried it on their own, but the prints were not up to what they wanted.  Most people forget that digital cameras actually take an 8×12 or 4×6 photo.  If you want an 8×10 print, there is going to be some cutting on either the sides or the top and bottom depending on whether or not you took the picture vertically or horizontally.  I think I remedied this and I will work on getting them printed soon.

I spent some time at the hospital with my friend there and also did the grocery shopping and washing before the day was done.

It was a more laid back day than yesterday and I appreciated it.

Father, thank you for a good day and for the opportunities it held.  Help me to remember to use my time wisely.  Amen.

James 4:13-15

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