May 14

Mother’s Day….

Traditionally we have a luncheon for the Moms on Mother’s Day and this year was no exception. It seemed to go well and everyone appeared happy.

In Sunday School I decided to work on the story of Hannah and we put together a Hannah’s cake in a jar.  My grandson helped me and he was a blessing as all that measuring resulted in lots of spills.

But the crazy thing was I realized as we got into the project that there were not directions and no indication that the cook (mom) needed to add things like eggs, oil or water.  I thought I must have accidentally left that out, but when I got home and started looking for a way to rectify  my error I discovered there were no directions.  I looked for a similar cake recipe and was not successful. I am going to have to really work on finding the answer to this puzzle.

I made four loaves of bread for the pastor to deliver as there were four visitors today.  I also went to a goodbye party for a dear friend who is moving to Anchorage to be in hospice care.  A lot of people were there and she seemed to be holding up pretty well, but it was sad to me and I didn’t stay long.  Actually the guests were not supposed to stay long so leaving was acceptable.

I realize in my heart that her decision has a lot to do with her husband who has been her full time caregiver as well as a dear friend who has been shouldering a lot of the load as well.  It has come to the point where it is too much.  I think she is a brave woman to leave her home and town and all who know and love her.  I will continue to lift her up in prayer.

Father, I know you show us hard things to help us grow and to think.  Please be with my friend through this difficult time.  Bless her abundantly.  Amen.

Revelation 21:4


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