May 16

Pokey mail….

I ordered some graduation gifts as well as the photo page  the school puts up on the wall.  I even paid extra shipping to get it here promptly and it is still not in Cordova or at least I don’t think so.  I keep checking, but so far nothing.

My tracking number says it is here, but I know the post office workers have to find it and put it in my box to make that true.

Now I must admit that I was too slow in making my photo order so I truly have no one to blame except myself for the slowness of the order.  I know better than to rely on proper shipping.  I have lived here too long and experienced it repeatedly.

On the positive side, my order is on the way and I am sure that it will arrive eventually.  That is a good thing and one for which I am thankful.

Since my grandson and I leave tomorrow for his sister’s high school graduation in Tennessee, I put him to work at home. He did not have to go to the Science Center any more so he has been busy all day doing stuff for me and getting ready to go.  I will really miss his help and his sweet willingness to bless me with that help.

Father, this has been a special time with my grandson and I am really thankful for it.  You show me your love in such wonderful ways and I am filled with blessings.  Thank you so much.  Amen.

Isaiah 40:31


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