May 19


While I was working on the scrapbook, and others were cooking, my daughter mentioned that the graduation was being held in a nearby church that seated 30,000.  I was amazed to hear this, but I understood the need for seating with such a large class.

She also told me about another high school that had used the church a few weeks ago and had a big ruckus break out over saved seats.  The church has only pews so I imagine this saved seats was a complex deal.  But the trouble is that the women involved got into a huge fight with hair pulling, pushing, shoving and name calling

It is hard for me to imagine such a thing and I wonder how their graduates felt about this.  My granddaughter had to go to graduation practice this morning and they announced that there would be no seat saving.

At the graduation everything proceeded smoothly and there were a number of noticeable security personnel all over the church inside and out.

The other thing I noticed was the fact that almost every senior in the class received either a Tennessee Promise or a Tennessee HOPE scholarship.  Promise is given to students with financial need and the HOPE scholarship is for students without that particular need.  Tennessee is big on students going on to Post secondary school or training which is good.  I have no idea how many take advantage of this great opportunity, but it is definitely a blessing to them.

Our graduation celebration ended with dinner at a nearby restaurant.  Even though there were many families waiting in line we were able to get right in because we were willing to be seated at two different booths.  The kids sat in one and the adults in the other.  It really worked out well and I think everyone was satisfied.

It was a great day and I am glad I was able to come from Alaska to be here to share it with my family.

Father, thank you for giving me this opportunity and for helping me share it with my family.  I am blessed.  Amen.

2 Corinthians 9:8


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