May 21

More flying…

Today it was back to Alaska beginning in the late afternoon and arriving after 1:00am.

Actually my son in law was also traveling to Louisville, Kentucky so we went to the airport at the same time.  I can tell you that TSA pre check is the way to go.  He was through the security line and at his gate while I was still in the security line waiting to go through the check in.  Fortunately my flight left an hour after his so there was no problem, but the pre-check is definitely speedy.

I had a lot of time to wait for flights and to sit and observe people.  Yes, I did reading and knitting rather than just sit and look, but you still see how others behave and I am sorry to say that they do not always behave in a kind or nice manner.

I wonder why this is.  I have noticed it all over and it seems so sad.  It doesn’t take extra energy to be kind and to speak in a softer voice.  It doesn’t take extra time to be kind to others, but somewhere along the line it seems that people either believe they are entitled to act loud, rude and act in an offensive manner or they are upset about something else and can’t quite seem to separate the two situations.

If we took time to really think about the things listed in Philippians I suspect there would be a lot less anger expressed in daily life.  It is hard to be angry and rude when you are thinking about things that are excellent, authentic, compelling, the best not the worst, the beautiful not the ugly and things to praise and not curse think of how much better you would act.  And that wasn’t even the whole list.

It is definitely something to consider.

Father, thank you for your word which really should guide our entire life.  Help me to think about the right things and help me to offer words of kindness that consider others.  Amen.

Philippians 4:8

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