May 24

Cinnamon rolls…..

Typically I make cinnamon rolls every Wednesday morning for the kids who come to high school Bible Study.  Today, my recipe made exactly three dozen.  It doesn’t always turn out this way, but there is always at least two and a half dozen.  I think it is in the way I roll out the dough.

This morning I really missed my sous chef, my grandson, who has been with me for the semester.  He went back to Virginia Tech and started one of his summer classes Monday morning.

He is really interested in baking and had gotten in the habit of getting up early every morning I made cinnamon rolls which was twice a week, Sunday and Wednesday.  We talked and worked together.  If I forgot something like the powdered sugar, he would go to the garage and look for it (I had to do that myself this morning).  Eventually he got to the place where he would do the whole thing, giving me precious time to do something else like make muffins or some other item for a particular need.  It was great to have him there and this morning, my first morning in the kitchen without him, was a little lonely.

Typically, I never feel lonely.  I have so many people in my life that even when I am alone at home I do not truly feel lonely.  I realize that the one thing I miss most is talking to others.  I talked with my husband non-stop when he was alive and that is what I miss the most.  I tend to talk to myself aloud and even when I work.  That’s how I figure things out.

However, I realize there is a time to be silent and to speak less.  My admin is always reminding me of this and admonishing me to speak and write less.  She is into the minimum and thinks I tell too much.  I probably do.

This morning my devotion centered on this topic and God’s words from the Bible really called out to me.  “Avoid anyone who talks too much.”  That’s pretty direct.  I need to pay attention to God’s word.  Ecclesiastes 5:2-3 makes the point sharply too.  “Let your words be few.”  It is time for me to take these words to heart and be careful in my speech.  This is a tall order for me as I do not tend to do this, but I feel God speaking to me and I have to listen.

Father, help me to heed your words, to let my own words be few and to listen more.  I know I can do it even though it will be hard.  I will trust in you.  Thank you for helping me.  Amen.

Proverbs 20:19; Ecclesiastes 5:2-3


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