May 27


It is a great thing to know the strengths of others and when you can rely on them.

I have a friend who is really wonderful at decorating and setting things up for events.  She doesn’t have the time to be involved on a daily basis, but she really gives her all into the decorating and her ideas are always wonderful.  I am so thankful she is available to help me.

We met today and set up for this year’s VBS and it is really awesome.  I think the kids are going to be wowed and I also think it makes everyone feel totally ready.

I am glad I can count on her to help me with this task.  She is really gifted in this area and it helps me immeasurably when this is not my biggest talent.  Being able to rely on her for this particular segment of the VBS program is extremely helpful and special.

In the past I think I used to try to get people to help me with tasks that were not their strengths and using my friend and her gifts makes it easy for others to do their own part in getting their rooms ready and taking cues and ideas from her.

It is a blessing to be able to count on the strengths and gifts of others to make all the loose ends come together.

Father, thank you for friends who want to help and who have specific gifts to use in making things come together for VBS.  I am awed.  Thank you.  Amen.

I Peter 4:10


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