May 28

It worked…

I was right.  Having the decorations up for the first day of VBS in time for church today really generated an air of excitement and people were very responsive to it.  I even had folks offer to help which is another blessing.

The more I think about it, the more I realize that using our specific gifts, each and every one of us, is truly the way to go through life.  When we do what we do best and don’t try to do other jobs, every thing gets does and gets done well and we all have an opportunity to give input and to make  things incredible.

Others saw the decorations in the sanctuary and worked to get their areas ready.  Still others stepped up to help and those who had already offered to help, reaffirmed their desire to be there tomorrow and to do their best to make VBS great for the kids who come.

This way is by far the best way to approach a project, probably any project.  Some people are just better at some things than others are.  Two of my dear friends recently  cleaned my classroom and closet and organized all the supplies far better than I could ever hope to do.  It is such a blessing to enter the room and to be able to find things and to work and to teach the kids.  I am awed by their gifts and thankful that they used them to make things  so wonderful for me.

Not long ago I needed some diapers for a parent who did not have any and I was able to go to another room that had been organized by yet someone else and find everything I needed.  What a blessing that was and it was a great example to the dad who needed those diapers.

We all have gifts and talents and we need to use them for others.  We also need to be brave and not volunteer to do things that are not in our area of expertise.  Surely there is someone with that expertise who can fill the need.

Father help me to encourage others to use their gifts and only their gifts.  Help us to encourage others and not to try to push them into areas that are truly not their gifts.  Give me guidance in this area.  Amen.

Romans 12:6-8


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