June 2

The last day of VBS for 2017….

Today was our last day of VBS for this year and we had a great day.  We showed a power point of all the photos taken this week for the parents.  Many came and seemed to enjoy the photos as well as the kids singing.  Lots of the kids love to get on the platform and sing and do the motions to the song.  I encourage them to do it if they want to, but I never try to force them into getting in front of people.

They seemed to have a great time.  The boys beat the girls in the offering and we have enough to support our girl in Honduras and the boy in Thailand for about seven and a half months.  I am hopeful some more money will come in at church on Sunday.  I know that our church budget includes this support but we always try to get the VBS kids to help with it to make it more personal.

At the close of the morning all the teachers gave me a beautiful huge blooming fushia plant for the front of my house.  They also gave me enough plants for my friend to use in my hanging basket planters for the upstairs of my house.  I will really enjoy all of these flowers.  They are so beautiful and a special reminder of the love and thoughtfulness of the VBS teachers.

It is so nice to be remembered in such a special way and every time I look at these flowers and plants which will be many times throughout the day I will be reminded of their thoughtfulness and love.  I am truly blessed.

My grandson called me this morning to tell me he has been chosen to present his paper at a special technological conference which will be held in September in Anchorage.  We are trying to find a good way for him to come to Cordova for a few days before he has to return to school in Virginia.  I was very pleased for him and this will be a great opportunity for him.  I also think the local science center where he worked during his cooperative will be excited to be represented at this conference by him and his work.  His project was on tidal power generation using the variation in the tides near Cordova.  One of the guys from the science center is interested in having him return once he is a graduate student which will be in two years.   

Life is full of blessings and they encourage me and make me so very thankful.

Father, thank you for the blessings of this week, of today and of the days to come.  I am humbled by your constant care for me.  Amen.

Philippians 4:19; Isaiah 41:10



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