June 3

Summer vacation….

School was indeed out a week ago, but last week was consumed by Vacation Bible School so it didn’t actually feel like summer to me.  Today was the first day of my summer vacation.   Yes, I needed to decorate the church birthday cake, but once I had a design in mind (thanks to the idea of my volunteer), I was good to go.

I have errands to run, groceries to buy and washing to do, but it still feels like summer to me.  I like having two months away from school in the summer.  I have thought about year round school, but I am not sure that schedule works for me.  Obviously if the school adopted it, I would adapt, but I don’t think it would be my first choice.

While we get a break in the summer, I wonder if people take a break from God.  All week we tried to plant the seeds of God’s redeeming love in Jesus and his desire for a relationship with us.  If we take a break from God because it is summer and our schedule changes, we are shortchanging God.

Yes, he will be there waiting for us when we decide to come back to him once our schedule becomes routine, but we need to consider our summer schedule and find time for that relationship to grow and blossom just like the summer wildflowers and other flowers that fill our gardens.

Having a relationship with someone takes time and work.  It can’t be left to happenstance.  I realize that not all of us get a summer break, but summer does signal a change in our lives and we need to make certain we save time for God and “schedule him in.”  In a way that sounds terrible, but maybe if we think of it in that manner, we’ll realize how important our time with God is and make certain we spend that time with him daily.

Father, your word commands us to spend time with you.  Help me to make that time wonderful and not a routine that I just check off on my daily to do list.  Give me the love to make that possible.  THank you for blessing me daily.  Amen.

James 4:8

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