June 4

Sorrow and God’s plan….

This morning at church I learned of the death of a young man.  He was someone I knew and I knew his girlfriend much better.  I also know his family.

Whenever someone dies, there is always a lot of speculation and in this case that was particularly true.  At this point no one knows for certain and I expect that eventually we will know a lot more about it.

It is also true that whenever someone young dies, there is a lot of talk about this fact and that it is such a greater sorrow.

I can remember many, many times in my past living in this community thinking similar things.  I always worried myself over the fact that God could let things like this happen and I definitely wanted to know why he did such things. Unlike me, my husband was much more accepting and tried to reason with me, but I was beyond reason at that time in my life.

Over the years and especially after one pointed conversation with my husband, I have come to terms with these situations and can honestly say I can trust God for his plan in the world.

It is true that we simply have no concept of what the big picture is.  We do not know what God’s plan is and we do not know how it will be carried out.  I could easily drive myself crazy with questions of why, but I know I will not get the answers.  I truly have to trust that God is in charge and he does know his plan and what is going on.  I may never know the answers, but I am able to believe and go on knowing God is in charge and that I can trust him.  For me, knowing this makes me able to live each day and do my best to do what God is calling me to do that day.

Father,  I know I tend to still be plagued with questions, but I pray you will help me trust wholly in you.  You do know the way and  you have the big picture firmly i mind.  Thank you for giving me the grace to know and to trust you.  Amen.

Romans 8:28


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