June 5


I had decided that once summer vacation arrived I was going to make a list and try to accomplish some long put off chores.

I have a list in my head which I need to commit to paper and I decided this morning that I needed to start with clearing the garage of paper recycling and trying to sort through some things left in my someone who no longer lives here.

In my moving things around I discovered that there are more things belonging to this person than I realized and dealing with the recycling wasn’t the big deal I expected it to be.  I was able to get the recycling taken care of pretty easily but the stuff is going to be another problem.

My biggest issue is that I can’t find the key to the storage closet.  I remember the pastor having it about a month ago, but I have no idea if he gave it to me or not.  So far my looking has not yielded it.  I have one more place to look that I hope will produce the key.  If not, I can always throw myself on the mercy of the storage owners and try to get another key.

I also discovered in the midst of the start of my cleaning in the garage that I am probably going to need to get someone to help me as the things that need lifting are rather heavy.  So that is another thing I need to work on.

I am thinking that whoever I do get to help should probably be someone who is interesting in cleaning as all of my shelves need to be sorted, and cleaned and then I will have a lot more room to use.

I called the cannery to inquire about beginning wages as most of the kids I am thinking of hiring were interested in cannery jobs, but they are too young to be hired.  Maybe one of them will be able to work for me.

So, I have a plan, but I need to refine it and commit it to paper to be the most efficient. God will help me make progress and I simply need to heed his urgings.

Father, thank you for giving me ideas and for helping me determine how to move forward to accomplish my goals for the summer.  Amen.

John 13:35


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