June 8

Leaving a legacy….

I have been thinking about this topic for a while now.  I read a book that focused on this idea and I know I want to leave a legacy for others and especially my family.

Around Cordova I am known as the cinnamon roll lady. It’s true that I make them a lot and give them away, but I don’t want that to be my true legacy.

I want to be known for sharing Jesus and living my life for him.

Today I made some gluten free Monster Cookies and I had a specific person in mind when I mixed them up.  Later I went by her house to give her the cookies, but no one came to the door.  I was pretty sure she was home since the cars were there and I could hear the kids upstairs.  Finally, I opened the door and put the bag of cookies on the table and left.

When I got home from my errands there was a message on my phone from this woman saying she thought the cookies were from me and hoped they were gluten free, but she was checking.  I called her back and got her voicemail and left her a message.

I knew from this brief experience that I was known for my cooking.  It seems that this is the legacy I am leaving in Cordova, but I need to find a way to make sure it is accompanied by my desire for them to know that I am living for Jesus in all I do.  Maybe I need to add a note to my food offerings or say something when I deliver them.  I know I need to find a way to make my intent clear.  I have to think about this more.

Father, I want to live my life for you and leave a legacy that makes you proud and advances your kingdom.  Help me to be intentional about that.  Amen.

Deuteronomy 6:5-7


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