June 9

What can I give away?….

Typically I give away baked goods and sometimes dinners, but there needs to be something else I can give that is not connected with food.

I have been pondering this for some time and I think the answer might lie in photography.  I could give away pictures, but then the question arises, what picture would a person want?

I started posting the photos I take of events on Facebook and so far that has met with a pretty good response.  I have been cautioned that people might not appreciate it and I did have one person who did not want pictures of his child on Facebook so I took them down.

But that was the only time I needed to be more careful.  Sometimes Facebook is rather scary to me.  There is so much info out there and it seems that a lot of people are not very careful with what they say and post on Facebook.  I know I need to be mindful of what I put up on my site.

But back to my original question of what I can give away?  I am looking for ideas and I need to be intentional in my search.  As I look I will listen to see what others are looking for personally and then maybe I will find the answer.  I hope so.  I know there is more than baked goods to encourage a person.

Father, I need to be careful in my giving and find ways to encourage others without overwhelming them.  Help me to really listen and then act.  You are my guide.  Thank you for blessing me.  Amen.

Acts 20:35


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