June 11

Two insights….

This afternoon I had the opportunity to talk with a friend whose wife has been quite ill for some time.  While we were talking it became apparent that the Lord had impressed on both of us the fact that his wife will come to know the Lord before she dies.  I have had this feeling for some time, but this last week I felt very strongly that God was telling me the truth of this statement and I knew I could trust in this understanding and let any residual worry go.

I try to keep worry out of my mind and heart and I have been all week that my friend will come to know the Lord before her time on earth is over.  It was a joy for me to hear that her husband feels the same way.  It is another confirmation that the Lord will act in this way.

During another conversation today at church, a friend shared the feeling he had the distinct impression that an acquaintance felt hostile to Christians.  When he shared this with me, I told him I felt it was because that person felt condemned for behavior he knew the Bible did not support.

Put this way my friend agreed that this could well be the case.  I think too often we get the feeling that people are hostile to us, when in fact I believe they are hostile to the words of the Gospel which is in direct opposition to their feelings and behavior.   If we stop to consider the problem from this viewpoint, it makes perfect sense.  People do not like to think that someone finds their behavior objectionable and they tend to put those feelings off on others.  In fact, they know that they are negative because the Bible calls their behavior into question.

It was a day of confirmation and understanding and I am thankful for the Lord’s movement in my life.

Father, thank you for helping us understand your word. Help me to stand upon those words without fail.  Amen.

Romans 6:16



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